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About us
Talent Spot International Limited is a human resources consulting firm that works with employers and job seekers in partnership to reach their business and career goals respectively.

We believe in the importance of human capital to the sustainable development of a company, finding the right person for a job is the first step to increase workplace effectiveness. The cost of mis-hires is too high and unaffordable. Many successful companies have effectively reduced their cost of mis-hires by cooperating with a professional partner. Our strong consulting team consists of experienced high-flyers from various industries, including merchandising, banking and finance, insurance, and consumer goods. The team was also equipped with professional knowledge in recruitment, selection, psychology, and coaching. Combining with our practical and honest approach, Talent Spot International is definitely your best partner for talent acquisition.

In addition to talent acquisition, our core service also covers other human resources aspects, including corporate training, career development program, employee relations, performance management, employee benefits, and mandatory provident fund (MPF). With our highly qualified trainers, corporate coaches, career coaches, personal development coaches, MBTIR administrators, insurance consultants, and MPF consultants, the staff engagement level and key performance indices of your company must be enhanced by our integrated consulting services.

Last but not least, Talent Spot International also puts effort in helping individuals pursue a perfect career. We organize regular workshops for both job seekers and employees to further enhance their employability and promotability.

Talent Spot International builds its reputation by offering highest quality solutions and its Guaranteed Outcome Policy. Let us cooperate and achieve your goals in a more effective way. Please fee free to contact us by email: admin@talentspothk.com.

Our vision
To be the best provider of guaranteed human resources and career advancement solutions in the industry.

Our mission
To improve workplace effectiveness and overall job satisfaction.