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Ref. No. Job title Experience
TS00008-10044 Secretary 3 years
TS00003-10043 Divisional Merchandising Manager (Knit & Intimate / Woven) 8 Years
TS00005-12057 Financial Analyst 4 Years
TS00005-12024 Accountant 2 Years
TS00005-12022 Business Analyst 3 Years
TS00003-10028 Merchandiser (Woven) 3 Years
TS00003-10024 Assistant Merchandising Manager (Woven) 5 Years
TS00004-12001 Business Development Executive 1 Year
TS00004-10035 Sales Executive 1 Year
TS00008-12017 Senior HR Officer 6 Years
TS00003-10039 Senior Merchandiser (Knit) 5 Years
TS00003-10040 Senior Merchandiser (Sweater) 5 Years
TS00005-10034 Accounting Clerk 1 Year
TS00001-10003 Financial Planner 1 Year
TS00003-10029 Merchandiser (Knit) 3 Years
TS00003-10030 Merchandiser (Sweater) 3 Years
TS00008-12034 HR and Adminstration Officer 3 Years
TS00003-10031 Merchandiser (Fabric) 3 Years
TS00008-10001 Recruitment Consultant 2 Years
TS00005-10006 Finance Manager 8 Years
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