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HR Consulting
Company registration
Talent Spot is uniquely positioned in the marketplace with its coaching services offered to company executives and job seekers.   

More and more companies nowadays use coaching skills as a means of providing ad hoc one-to-one training.  Beyond this, Talent Spot also employs coaching as a practical tool for ongoing staff development.  It is particularly essential for people who plan to change jobs, or have started a new job whether or not in the previous field.

Career transition coaching helps increase retention rate by:
  • Facilitating the identification and implementation of personal development goals.
  • Providing an environment where staff will be more open and candid about their aspirations and concerns.
  • Making staff to be more focused, realistic and proactive without admitting weaknesses to employers.
  • Helping staff understand and accept their blind spots without being defensive.
Our personal, corporate and career coaches are registered with professional associations such as the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, and Association of Coaching and Training.  We provide coaching services as a value-added component of our package.   Employers are better positioned to identify what qualities are required of people filling their vacancies, and job seekers are better equipped to contribute to their work through goal setting and potential exploration.  Eventually, a long term working relationship, which is our core objective, is secured.